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Historic England Site Condition Surveys

The Historic England site condition surveys are a way for individuals or groups to assist in monitoring of the existing condition of scheduled monuments.

The Friends of Berry Castle will be visiting sites and carrying out surveys, from the Historic England Scheduled Monuments list. If you are interested in joining us, then please email us, using the link below, or keep an eye on our events page.


We'll be using this page as a hub, for individuals and groups to record when sites have been surveyed. This is to avoid repeated visits to one site and encourage a wider distribution of surveys, which can be fed back to Historic England.

If you are interested in surveying a site yourself, belong to an affiliated historical group and have attended the relevant training, we can send you the scheduled monument list and survey forms. Please let us know:-

-the site you intend to visit.

-the date you will carry out the survey.

-your name, or the name of your organisation.

Emailing the details to

This information will be added to the monument list records and assist Historic England and other groups wishing to carry out surveys of their own.


Many sites are on private land, so permission should be sought from the landowner, beforehand, to gain access. Historic England and the Friends of Berry Castle will take no responsibility for individuals trespassing or causing damage to sites, whilst carrying out the surveys.

Training for carrying out surveys can be organised for individuals, belonging to historical groups, or for groups, themselves. For further information, email us, using the above link.


Devon Dowser's survey

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